Security Measures

Commitment to Security

As a leading provider of Electronic Commerce ("EC") tools and services on the Internet, JimTrade is firmly committed to information security. Our infrastructure and network are carefully protected from unauthorized access and security enhancements are constantly being implemented. You can be assured that we take strict security measures (consistent with good and sound industry practice and standards) so as to safeguard and maintain the confidentiality of our customers' personal and company-confidential information. If you have any suggestions to enhance our security measures or concerns regarding security in your use of Global Sources services and products, please send an e-mail to support@jimtrade.com.

Corporate Security

JimTrade's internal network is protected by a secure firewall. All access to the internal network, including dial-in, e-mail and Internet access, are permitted only to authorized users. Computer accounts are password-protected and regular security audits are conducted to ensure that only secured passwords are used. Public domain hacking software is deployed to test internal security measures. Audit trails of Internet access and usage are also kept.

All JimTrade staff, as a condition of employment, are required to adhere to and practice strict security guidelines in their day-to-day job functions. An IT Security Policy is in place to ensure that all JimTrade staff are educated on the importance of confidentiality and security. In addition, our customers are made aware of our security requirements and are requested to comply.

Web-Based Transaction Security

JimTrade services make use of login accounts complete with login names and passwords. In addition, Secure Sockets Layer ("SSL") is deployed so that transmissions of sensitive password and trading data occur using encrypted and secure communication channels to prevent eavesdropping and decoding of information. Transaction information, such as contact details and VISA numbers, can only be read by authorized Global Sources web servers.

JimTrade uses SSL that supports 128-bit encryption, the strongest Internet standard currently in use More details about SSL support can be found here.

Important Notice

While we believe that the security measures which we adopt are consistent with good and sound industry practice and standards, we (like anyone else) cannot guarantee that such measures are "perfect", as "perfect security" does not exist on the Internet.