Jimtrade Rewards

Here's what you need to do

You can win rewards every time you 'inquire' on Jimtrade.com. Just gather points and win our exciting range of souvenirs, that too as per your choice.

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  • Enquire:
    This is what a B2B portal is meant for. For every inquiry you do on JimTrade.com you will be rated. You can score each time you are making any inquiry

Gifts as per your score

We will reward you for these simple efforts. Every time you enquire you will be rated in points that you can redeem anytime as per your choice, once you reach a redeemable score. Check out your gifts as per your score below:

Rewards Scores
10 Ball Pen Set 1,000 Points
One Scribbling Pad 2,500 Points
One T Shirt 5,000 Points
One Executive Pen 10,000 Points
Set of 3 keychains 10,000 Points

You are at the liberty to pick your gift in accord to your score limit, which means you can divide your score as per your preferred gift. For instance, if you score 10,000 points, you have a choice of four scribbling pad (4 X 2,500 points) or two T-shirts (2 X 5,000 points) or one executive metal pen.

*All these mementos will bear the logo of Jimtrade.com.
*Your action will be rated by our Jimtrade team.