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Privacy Policy & FAQ

Why should You register with JimTrade?

Registration to JimTrade is free of cost. As a member, you get the benefit of our services such as product and supplier search, inquiry, Trade Alert. There are no hidden costs.

  • Free E-mail Trade Alerts
    Receive regular updates about new products, suppliers, trade shows, industry news, technical articles, market survey etc. for the product categories you selected.

  • Send inquiries direct to suppliers
    You can select the products and suppliers of our interest and

  • Save your searches
    You can save your search results for future references.

  • Personalize your Inquiry Basket
    Your personalized Inquiry Basket stores the products and suppliers you have searched, even if you leave the site and come back later.

  • Register Now and benefit from JimTrade!

What do I need to register?

For free registration, all you need is a valid e-mail address, a login name and a password. Your complete contact details are also necessary so that we can send our free promotional offers and products to you.

Once you've registered, you can use this same login name and password for all products and supplier inquiries. You need not re-enter your entire contact details. Your stored contact details will be send to suppliers for further communication.

How do I register?

Registration with JimTrade is simple and fast:

  • Create your account by providing your login name and password.
  • Complete the required fields then click Continue.
    (All fields with an asterisk * means required information, you must fill in it)
  • If you wish, select the product categories for which you want to receive e-mail updates.
  • You will receive a verification code in your e-mail box. To verify your registered email address, simply follow the instructions.
    Please note, If you are a supplier and have already registered for a Free Listing, you need NOT register separately for buyer services. You can use same login & password "For Supplier" section & "For Buyer" section

    Register Now and benefit from JimTrade!

What do you do with my registration information? (Privacy Policy)

JimTrade is committed to keep your information confidential. You registration information will never be given out or sold to other parties. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

What are the guidelines for choosing a password?

We suggest the following general guidelines:

  • Use your email address as your loginname
  • Use at least eight characters.
  • Make a password easy for you to remember but hard for someone else to guess.
  • Avoid passwords closely related to your personal information, e.g. using your login name or company name as your password.
  • Use a mixture of letters, numbers and punctuation marks - but do not use spaces.

What is "Remember me when I come back"?

If you check the "Remember me when I come back" box, as long as you do not logout, you won't have to login each time you come back. Your browser will "remember" your login name on your computer and your contact details will be automatically completed when you send inquiries. To ensure your security however, you will always be asked to login to access secure parts of the site.

Important : Do remember your login name and password. For your protection, we will ask you to re-enter your password when you access certain personalized areas of the site, such as your Product Alert Settings, User Profile and Notifications settings.

  • Should I check it or not?
    If you are not using a shared computer, we recommend you check it to facilitate ease of use.
    However, if you're concerned that other people might accidentally see your pages, don't check the "Remember me" box.
    If you use a shared computer, please do not check the "Remember me" box.
  • What if I change my mind?
    You can log out of the website at any time by clicking the "Logout" link in the left navigation bar. Once you've logged out, you can login again and choose whether your browser "remembers" you or not.
  • How does this work?
    The system uses cookies in your computer to facilitate this.

Why does my registration form become blank when I submit it?

When you submit your registration form (by pressing the "Continue" button), if the fields become blank and nothing happens, your browser's cookie setting may be disabled or set at a too high or restricted level.

Cookies are used by our system to facilitate your use of JimTrades' services. To complete your registration, please enable your cookies.

Once I'm registered, what happens next?

After registration, you will receive a verification code in your e-mail box. To verify your registered email address, simply follow the instructions.

Once I'm registered, what happens next? After registration, you will receive a verification code in your e-mail box. To verify your registered email address, simply follow the instructions.

Important : After registering, we recommend that you go to your User Profile page and complete your contact and company information. This ensures that these details are pre-completed in the form each time you send an inquiry. Plus providing more details in a format they are used to receiving, helps suppliers send more focused and appropriate answers to your needs or requests.

Why should I select product categories?

Selecting product categories enables you to use JimTrades' Trade Alert. Trade Alert is a customizable e-mail service that updates you on products, suppliers and industry news as soon as these are posted on JimTrade.com, for the product categories in which you are interested. You can add or remove product categories, or stop receiving Trade Alert updates, at any time.

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